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Project Description


When exhibiting at events, it’s crucial to be able to supply delegates with up-to-date marketing collateral on your products and services, and to capture their contact details wherever and whenever possible.

We’ve created a solution which allows you to quickly, easily and cost effectively develop a scaleable application which will run on any touchscreen device.

To create your Swipedeck you just login to our easy-to-use web interface and upload a series of jpeg slides and associated PDF documents to create a touchscreen presentation – with each slide representing a particular product, service or piece of information that you believe to be of interest to your audience. You then publish and download the completed ‘deck onto your device and you’re ready to go.

Swipedeck not only reduces your need to print and carry tons of brochures around the world, but also allows you to track and follow up with the recipients of your digital documents. Furthermore, it provides you with a way of measuring event ROI, by linking visitors to your stand to actual sales generated down the funnel. All the while, you’re reducing your environmental impact and saving money.

Visit our website: http://swipedeck.io