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Project Description


Indextus Ltd is a registered benchmark administrator, listed on the ESMA Publication of Administrators and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our financial indices offer a range of benchmarking solutions across the risk spectrum. The flagship Indextus® SMART index series provides an industry standard for assessing the performance of risk-targeted investment portfolios. Structured to comprise just ten tradeable underlying constituents each index is fully investable.

The indices we manage are powered by the trademarked Indextus® technology. This applies non-linear statistical techniques and risk analytics to the aggregated asset allocation decisions of over 500 active UK funds. Capturing this collective intelligence drives the success of what we do.

Indextus® can also generate bespoke indices for clients relying on us to deliver tailored intelligent indexing solutions. Built around a consultative process, new collaborations within the investment sector can be fostered as a result.

For transparency, the daily price histories of the Indextus® SMART indices are openly accessible on this website. We have also launched Indextus Data Watch. This weekly commentary reveals the changing asset allocation trends amongst the active funds underpinning the Indextus® technology.

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